2017-01-29 Jimmy ChristensenFix typo. master
2017-01-16 Jimmy ChristensenAdded debug info on fail.
2017-01-16 Jimmy ChristensenAdded cache.
2017-01-16 Jimmy ChristensenMade filename optional and suggest from selector.
2017-01-16 Jimmy ChristensenFix history
2017-01-14 Jimmy ChristensenFall back to 80x24 if window size can not be obtained.
2017-01-12 DusteDOnly reset menu when loading a new one.
2017-01-12 DusteDFix command-line executable
2017-01-12 DusteDAlways use newest gopher-lib.
2017-01-12 DusteDBump version
2017-01-12 DusteDAdd screenshot.
2017-01-12 DusteDInitial commit, hackity hack