2017-12-08 Jimmy ChristensenDid stuff so it's better master
2013-12-16 Jimmy ChristensenBetter randome function for floats (hopefully)
2013-12-15 Jimmy ChristensenHacking sprites and console exec.
2013-12-15 Jimmy ChristensenFix incorrect malloc
2013-12-14 Jimmy ChristensenRedirect stdout to file in win
2013-12-14 Jimmy ChristensenHopefully corrected type on windows makefile.
2013-12-14 Jimmy ChristensenAdded something to windows makefile
2013-12-14 Jimmy ChristensenAdded cache to model loader
2013-12-14 Jimmy ChristensenRemoved debug msg.
2013-12-14 Jimmy ChristensenIgnore tabs in mtls
2013-12-08 Jimmy ChristensenAdded more awesomeness..
2013-11-28 Jimmy ChristensenNo need for trailing delimiter anymore.
2013-11-28 Jimmy ChristensenFixed explode function so it no longer requires a trail...
2013-11-24 Jimmy ChristensenUnfinished scrollbars for GUI and other unfinished...
2013-11-24 Jimmy ChristensenTweaked particle flickering
2013-11-24 Jimmy ChristensenPartial/buggy stereo support
2013-04-30 Jimmy ChristensenAdded todo item.
2013-04-28 Jimmy ChristensenHmm.
2013-04-28 Jimmy ChristensenHacking. LD26_END_STATE
2013-04-28 Jimmy ChristensenAdded esc as bindable key.
2013-04-28 Jimmy ChristensenStuff.
2013-04-27 Jimmy ChristensenCamera, clay and wireframes.
2013-04-26 Jimmy ChristensenSwapped font.
2013-04-25 Jimmy ChristensenInput "working". :) LD26_BEGIN_STATE
2013-04-25 Jimmy ChristensenRemoved unused line.
2013-04-25 Jimmy ChristensenAdded wireframe render, clayrender, fullbright.
2013-04-25 Jimmy ChristensenPimped the console.
2013-04-25 Jimmy ChristensenAdded defines for console-colors.
2013-04-25 Jimmy ChristensenResolution fix.
2013-04-25 Jimmy ChristensenFixed old segfault.
2013-04-25 Jimmy ChristensenDon't use getline to read lines from scripts.
2013-04-25 Jimmy Christensen Scripts and Keys.
2013-04-23 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated makefiles and c::b project.
2012-12-19 Jimmy ChristensenMore hacking on obj-selection stuff.
2012-12-19 Jimmy ChristensenIf any objects are going to be drawn, do it.
2012-12-19 Jimmy ChristensenAdded mouse-picking scale and fixed debug info.
2012-12-19 Jimmy ChristensenAdded debug code to object-pick, only render to object...
2012-12-16 Jimmy ChristensenNo longer hooks guitoggle to esc. No longer loads scene...
2012-12-16 Jimmy ChristensenFixed bugs, made features..
2012-12-16 Jimmy Christensenvarious hacks, stuff can be selected with mouse.
2012-12-15 Jimmy ChristensenAdded offset to cursor. Startframe func is called also...
2012-12-14 Jimmy ChristensenFixed windows dll name.
2012-12-14 Jimmy ChristensenRemoved dependancy of client datafile for gui-test.
2012-12-14 Jimmy ChristensenAxis specific billboarding (lock only rotation on some...
2012-12-13 Jimmy ChristensenNo more underscores in gui console functions.
2012-12-13 Jimmy ChristensenConsole background now expected to be square, and will...
2012-12-13 Jimmy ChristensenFixed another warning in windows makefile.
2012-12-13 Jimmy ChristensenImproved console autocomplete.
2012-12-13 Jimmy ChristensenNow builds on both linux and windows. Buildserver is...
2012-12-13 Jimmy ChristensenAdded windows Makefile and renamed linux Makefile.
2012-12-12 Jimmy ChristensenAdded Makefile, more improvements.
2012-12-11 Jimmy ChristensenImprovements to camera and stuff.
2012-12-11 Jimmy ChristensenAdded walls to testbox. Fixed sprites a bit. Added...
2012-12-11 Jimmy ChristensenInitial import.