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last changeSat, 14 Dec 2013 20:20:31 +0000 (21:20 +0100)
2013-12-14 Jimmy ChristensenFix termination master
2013-12-14 Jimmy ChristensenAddat will add object to same pos as currently selected.
2013-12-14 Jimmy ChristensenTrigger build.
2013-12-14 Jimmy ChristensenUnbound esc so VMD dont kick me and
2013-12-08 Jimmy ChristensenMoved testLevel.lvl to data dir.. load with: merge...
2013-12-08 Jimmy ChristensenAdded test level.. Load with: merge /testLevel.lvl
2013-12-08 Jimmy ChristensenEditor can save/load and other cool stuff.
2013-04-28 Jimmy ChristensenHmm
2013-04-28 Jimmy ChristensenMore better much much version
2013-04-28 Jimmy ChristensenAdded sound.
2013-04-28 Jimmy ChristensenAdded missing datafile.
2013-04-28 Jimmy ChristensenNah, not gonna happen.
2013-04-26 Jimmy ChristensenSwapped font.
2013-04-25 Jimmy ChristensenNew conback and unix lineendings.
2013-04-23 Jimmy ChristensenSkeleton repository for LD26.
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