2016-02-16 JimmyMerge pull request #12 from bentley/master master StableB380
2016-01-23 Anthony J.... Update homepage.
2015-10-21 Jimmy ChristensenFix DLC unbundle path error.
2015-10-11 Jimmy ChristensenAdded "dump image of single levelfile".
2015-10-11 Jimmy ChristensenNow possible to upload user-made levels.
2015-10-10 Jimmy ChristensenAdd tutorial level, reorder levels.
2015-10-08 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated readme.
2015-07-29 Jimmy ChristensenDon't show enter in textinput when string empty.
2015-07-29 Jimmy ChristensenFix Wiz warning.
2015-07-29 Jimmy ChristensenFix last warnings.
2015-07-29 Jimmy ChristensenFix warning about limited datatype.
2015-07-29 Jimmy ChristensenRemove inline keyword from all files.
2015-07-05 JimmyMerge pull request #8 from akien-mga/master
2015-07-04 Rémi VerscheldeMove manpage to usual Unix games category (6)
2015-03-17 Jimmy ChristensenAdd -record option to help output.
2015-02-17 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated PKGBUILD archlinux template description.
2015-02-17 Jimmy ChristensenRemoved wget from pc.h
2015-02-17 Jimmy ChristensenAdded "type" to package version i PXML for Pandora.
2015-02-17 Jimmy ChristensenFix application id.
2015-02-17 Jimmy ChristensenFix pandora help screen.
2015-02-17 Jimmy ChristensenUpdate Pandora screenshot/metadata.
2015-02-16 Jimmy ChristensenFix silly bugs in DLC code.
2015-02-16 Jimmy ChristensenRemoved unused pandora codeblocks project and prepend...
2015-02-16 Jimmy ChristensenAdded stylus to pandora screen.
2015-02-16 Jimmy ChristensenNext try at pnd with working write.
2015-02-16 Jimmy ChristensenPossible fix for writing settings.
2015-02-15 Jimmy ChristensenHopefully a functional PND for pandora.
2015-02-15 Jimmy ChristensenAdded pandora help screen and updated strings.
2015-02-15 Jimmy ChristensenWizznic for Pandora uses hardware-accelerated scaling...
2015-02-15 Jimmy ChristensenTest with GL_RGB pixelformat.
2015-02-14 Jimmy Christenseneglport needed some more defines.
2015-02-14 Jimmy ChristensenAttepting egl scaling for pandora.
2015-02-13 Jimmy ChristensenRetry at getting pandora port working.
2015-02-11 Jimmy ChristensenAdded option in levelfile to draw switch-destinations...
2015-02-11 Jimmy ChristensenAdded option to disable drawing where teleports end.
2015-02-11 Jimmy ChristensenAdded screenshot function for pc (f1 key).
2015-02-10 Jimmy ChristensenFix levelselector bg image wave and text.
2015-02-10 Jimmy ChristensenDon't check highscore if player came from editor.
2015-02-10 Jimmy ChristensenFix incorrect color profile on editor background image.
2015-02-10 Jimmy ChristensenAdded scrollbar to editor submenu.
2015-02-10 Jimmy ChristensenRescale recording before encoding.
2015-02-09 Jimmy ChristensenRecording using two encoders at the sime time.
2015-02-09 Jimmy ChristensenRecording works with gl.
2015-02-09 Jimmy ChristensenDon't know if record function would work on windows...
2015-02-09 Jimmy ChristensenUse popen on ffmpeg to do video encoding.
2015-02-09 Jimmy ChristensenAdded crude -record function.
2015-02-09 Jimmy ChristensenSplit screenshot function up in data and file operations.
2015-02-09 Jimmy ChristensenMade macro for portable mkdir.
2015-02-08 Jimmy ChristensenFixed default setting for packdir.. again..
2015-02-08 Jimmy ChristensenAdd build-number to source package.
2015-02-08 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated contigrator build script.
2015-02-08 Jimmy ChristensenAdd buildnumber to versionstring.
2015-02-08 Jimmy ChristensenFixed level-draw when using non 320x240 canvas (SCREENW...
2015-02-07 Jimmy ChristensenRemoved help from mainmenu, reworked about, added scrol...
2015-02-06 Jimmy ChristensenImproved pack-selection screen.
2015-02-06 Jimmy ChristensenFixed clear-stats screen and improved help scren.
2015-02-06 Jimmy ChristensenMade dlc bundles work regardless of byte-ordering.
2015-02-05 Jimmy ChristensenAdded list.
2015-02-05 Jimmy ChristensenRemoved list as submodule.
2015-02-05 Jimmy ChristensenTweaked "Allow Online screen"
2015-02-05 Jimmy ChristensenMore correct packdir default, fixed linebreak.
2015-02-05 Jimmy ChristensenAdded untracked datafiles and updated contigrator build...
2015-02-05 Jimmy ChristensenInserted short pause before the point counting sound...
2015-02-05 Jimmy ChristensenImproved settings.ini and allow-internet screen.
2015-02-05 Jimmy ChristensenAdded winner and loser sounds to game.
2015-02-05 Jimmy ChristensenAdded debug option for graphics loading.
2015-02-05 Jimmy ChristensenAdded winner and loser sounds.
2015-02-05 Jimmy ChristensenFix stupidity in Makefile.
2015-02-05 Jimmy ChristensenFix small memory leak.
2015-02-04 Jimmy ChristensenRemoved debug message.
2015-02-04 Jimmy ChristensenFixed bundling tool.
2015-02-04 Jimmy ChristensenGot image waving looking good.
2015-02-04 Jimmy ChristensenFix crashbug.
2015-02-04 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated copyleft header and added a linebreak.
2015-02-04 Jimmy ChristensenFixed makefile idiocracy.
2015-02-04 Jimmy ChristensenAdded clean rule to gcw0 Makefile.
2015-02-04 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated makefiles and contigrators build script.
2015-02-04 Jimmy ChristensenAdded new list implementation, might be buggy.
2015-01-02 Jimmy ChristensenFix mkdir usage for windows in userfiles.c
2014-12-29 Jimmy ChristensenFigured out a better way of reversing lists.
2014-12-28 Jimmy ChristensenAdded "listReverse" function.
2014-04-21 Jimmy ChristensenFix compile error on Wiz.
2014-04-21 DusteDdkMerge pull request #7 from zear/master
2014-04-21 ZearUpdated the helpgcw0.png file to match the new key...
2014-04-13 DusteDdkMerge pull request #6 from zear/master
2014-04-12 ZearRaised the joystick deadzone for GCW Zero. Hopefully...
2014-04-12 ZearFix a situation where a sound effect is played twice...
2014-04-12 ZearUpdated level restart text string. It now refers to...
2014-04-07 DusteDdkMerge pull request #5 from zear/master
2014-04-07 ZearJoystick button support (Currently with hardcoded butto...
2014-04-07 ZearJoystick hat support
2014-04-07 ZearFix for a typo in the Makefile. Now the is correctly...
2014-04-07 ZearJoystick analog support
2014-03-30 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated walls for oldskool theme.
2014-03-30 Jimmy ChristensenCorrected color profiles on pictures.
2014-03-30 Jimmy ChristensenFinished walls in Thor theme.
2014-03-30 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated credits.
2014-03-30 Jimmy ChristensenMakefile.gcw0 clean also removes opk and elf.
2014-03-29 Jimmy ChristensenFix rocket sound.
2014-03-29 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated build-script