2016-09-12 JimmyMerge pull request #1 from AMDmi3/freebsd-fixes master
2016-09-11 Dmitry MarakasovFix missing return statement
2016-09-11 Dmitry MarakasovRespect DATADIR everywhere
2016-09-11 Dmitry MarakasovProper way of including endian.h for FreeBSD
2016-09-11 Dmitry MarakasovFix Makefile
2016-08-21 Jimmy ChristensenAdded level 13 (the one made on twitch stream)
2016-08-17 Jimmy ChristensenUpdate build-script.
2016-08-17 Jimmy ChristensenRename windows bat file.
2016-08-16 Jimmy ChristensenAdd launcher to windows builds and better default paths.
2016-08-14 Jimmy ChristensenAdd makefile for building on windows.
2016-08-13 Jimmy ChristensenAdd instructions, especially useful for the level-editor 1.0
2016-08-13 Jimmy ChristensenFix compile warnings with C++11
2016-08-13 Jimmy ChristensenMake launcher compile again.
2013-08-07 Jimmy ChristensenFixed editor grid and zoom behaviour.
2013-04-12 Jimmy ChristensenFixed segfault in launcher, added --no-zoom option...
2013-04-12 Jimmy ChristensenCorrected start.sh to start launcher from correct direc...
2013-04-12 Jimmy ChristensenAdded compilation instructions for launcher
2013-04-12 Jimmy ChristensenFixed compilation warning.
2012-12-08 Jimmy ChristensenRemoving autogenerated files.
2012-12-07 Jimmy ChristensenImproved launcher UI.
2012-09-13 Jimmy ChristensenRefresh preview on editor exit.
2012-09-13 Jimmy Christensenmore launcher work
2012-09-11 Jimmy ChristensenLauncher update.
2012-09-10 Jimmy ChristensenAdded start script.
2012-09-10 Jimmy ChristensenMerge branch 'master' of github.com:DusteDdk/Osgg
2012-09-10 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated launcher
2012-08-26 Jimmy ChristensenIncluded unistd.h which fixes compile error.
2012-04-04 Jimmy ChristensenBase for server
2012-04-04 Jimmy ChristensenInitial import into git.