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last changeSat, 9 May 2015 11:21:00 +0000 (14:21 +0300)
2015-05-09 Jimmy ChristensenFix missing characters in new accounts. master
2015-04-15 Jimmy ChristensenBump version to 0.5.1
2015-04-15 Jimmy ChristensenFix lockup when changing password.
2015-04-02 Jimmy ChristensenVersion 0.5.
2015-04-01 Jimmy ChristensenAdded change-password and format functionality.
2015-03-26 Jimmy ChristensenAdded restore functionality to GUI.
2015-03-25 Jimmy ChristensenChange layout/banner/take backup works.
2015-03-18 Jimmy ChristensenAdded check to ensure sync between GUI and FK.
2015-03-17 Jimmy ChristensenFixed URL.
2015-03-17 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated classpath with new versions for Linux.
2015-03-15 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated update URL to official site.
2014-09-22 Jimmy ChristensenAdded option, fixed bug.
2014-09-22 Jimmy ChristensenFixed typo in Danish translation.
2014-09-18 Jimmy ChristensenFix crashbug and tweaked UI. 0.1.2-rc0
2014-09-18 Jimmy ChristensenAdded Danish translation again, tweaked texts.
2014-09-17 Jimmy ChristensenSeveral tweaks to strings, log and UI.
6 years ago 0.1.2-rc0
5 years ago master