Fix missing characters in new accounts.
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2015-05-09 Jimmy ChristensenFix missing characters in new accounts. master
2015-04-15 Jimmy ChristensenBump version to 0.5.1
2015-04-02 Jimmy ChristensenVersion 0.5.
2015-03-17 Jimmy ChristensenFixed URL.
2015-03-15 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated update URL to official site.
2014-09-17 Jimmy ChristensenSeveral tweaks to strings, log and UI.
2014-09-12 Jimmy ChristensenRe-Enabled updater
2014-08-13 Jimmy ChristensenBump version number.
2014-08-05 Jimmy ChristensenRemoved unused exports and finished UpdateChecker.
2014-08-04 Jimmy ChristensenSnapshot before changing swt list to comboviewer