Fixed stuff.
[FinalKeyGui.git] / src / fkgui /
2014-09-15 Jimmy ChristensenFixed stuff.
2014-09-12 Jimmy ChristensenPolished connection tab.
2014-09-12 Jimmy ChristensenRemoved some whitespace, cleaned up strings.
2014-09-12 Jimmy ChristensenRe-Enabled updater
2014-09-12 Jimmy ChristensenAdded disconnect-state icons and tweaked gui buttons.
2014-08-13 Jimmy ChristensenAdded --hide, corrected SWT_GTK3 variable name.
2014-08-12 Jimmy ChristensenWarn if SWT_GTK3 is not set 0.
2014-08-11 Jimmy ChristensenFixed position and focus.
2014-08-11 Jimmy ChristensenFixed bug in new-account, added error dialogs.
2014-08-05 Jimmy ChristensenRemoved unused exports and finished UpdateChecker.
2014-08-05 Jimmy ChristensenMore gui work, more testing to do.
2014-08-05 Jimmy ChristensenInitial translation, also, almost done.
2014-08-05 Jimmy ChristensenLikely unstable.
2014-08-04 Jimmy ChristensenChanged List to ListViewer.
2014-08-04 Jimmy ChristensenSnapshot before changing swt list to comboviewer
2014-07-25 Jimmy ChristensenMore ui, going to redesign.
2014-07-24 Jimmy ChristensenRenamed btnStart to btnConnect
2014-07-24 Jimmy ChristensenMade it connect/disconnect more correctly.
2014-06-18 Jimmy ChristensenInitial commit.