2017-02-05 Jimmy ChristensenMaybe be more correct C, didn't change the hex file. master
2017-02-05 Jimmy ChristensenAdded precompiled firmware for 2016-02-05
2017-02-05 Jimmy ChristensenFix timing for slower eeproms
2016-09-03 Jimmy ChristensenAdd another precompiled binary
2015-12-20 Jimmy ChristensenUpdate readme
2015-12-20 Jimmy ChristensenAdd Estonian PC layout.
2015-11-26 Jimmy ChristensenAdded Belgian keyboard layout (PC Only for now)
2015-05-14 Jimmy ChristensenFix compile for german layout.
2015-04-30 Jimmy ChristensenMoved prebuilt into own dir.
2015-04-30 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated readme, removed obsolete arduinohacks dir.
2015-04-30 Jimmy ChristensenAdd prebuilt firmware.
2015-04-17 Jimmy ChristensenBump i2c speed.
2015-04-16 Jimmy ChristensenAdd EEPROM check.
2015-04-15 Jimmy ChristensenAdd Xr command.
2015-04-15 Jimmy ChristensenTweak Entropy.
2015-04-15 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated for Arduino 1.6.3
2015-04-15 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated for new Entropy lib.
2015-04-15 Jimmy ChristensenNew Entropy lib.
2015-03-26 Jimmy ChristensenAdded error-recovery on read-error on restore.
2015-03-19 Jimmy ChristensenFix random hang where Entropy never grows.
2015-03-18 Jimmy ChristensenFix download URL for GUI.
2015-03-18 Jimmy ChristensenUpdate fksetup udev with comments and official USB...
2015-03-13 Jimmy ChristensenAdded extra-paranoid-input option.
2015-03-13 Jimmy ChristensenFix URL and License in headers.
2015-01-06 Jimmy ChristensenReworked 'r' command, added 'R' command.
2014-10-13 Jimmy ChristensenImproved footprint and presentation of flash lock.
2014-10-13 Jimmy ChristensenUse button to allow changing eeprom bootloader lock.
2014-10-13 Jimmy ChristensenAdded bootloader lock.
2014-09-18 Jimmy ChristensenAdded FK_ROOT_DIR for easier package-generation.
2014-09-18 Jimmy ChristensenAdded errorcode to exit on error.. ehm.
2014-09-18 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated to use linux-current.jar as source...
2014-09-17 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated to fetch gui from new website.
2014-09-12 Jimmy ChristensenConsistent layout names and saved bytes.
2014-09-03 Jimmy ChristensenClear line when pressing ESC.
2014-08-12 Jimmy ChristensenAdded new version of fksetup.
2014-08-11 Jimmy ChristensenAdded newline in xf command, list keyboard layout for Xl.
2014-08-11 Jimmy ChristensenAdded SE keyboard layout.
2014-08-03 Jimmy ChristensenCorrections from Jan, DE-MAC layout finished.
2014-08-01 Jimmy ChristensenAdded baudrate to minicom.
2014-07-31 Jimmy ChristensenFixed repeat for fire-user.
2014-07-31 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated arduino patch.
2014-07-31 Jimmy ChristensenSwitched uppercase Y and Z on de-pc layout
2014-07-30 Jimmy ChristensenAdded support for DE (German) keyboard for PC.
2014-06-27 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated arduino patch.
2014-06-27 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated setup/remove scripts.
2014-06-27 Jimmy ChristensenRemove unused defines.
2014-06-27 Jimmy ChristensenMoved keyboard maps to libraries. And more.
2014-06-22 Jimmy ChristensenAdded license headers.
2014-06-22 JimmyMerge pull request #2 from ssdclickofdeath/master
2014-06-17 Jimmy ChristensenInserted newline.
2014-06-17 Jimmy ChristensenAdded message on % cmd.
2014-06-11 Jimmy ChristensenAdded french layout to arduino
2014-06-11 Jimmy ChristensenAdded layout generation helper tool.
2014-06-11 Jimmy ChristensenAdded french support, unfinished us mac layout.
2014-06-09 Workbench UserAdd The Final Key remove script
2014-05-24 Jimmy ChristensenAdded prebuilt firmware.
2014-05-23 Jimmy ChristensenIncluded backup utility with
2014-05-23 Jimmy ChristensenImproved backup program.
2014-05-23 Jimmy ChristensenAdded missing dependency and -n to lsof to make it...
2014-05-22 Jimmy ChristensenAdded and updated
2014-05-22 Jimmy ChristensenComments 'n' stuff
2014-05-22 Jimmy ChristensenAdded a goto statement.
2014-05-11 Jimmy ChristensenAdded instructions and disclaimers.
2014-05-11 Jimmy ChristensenAdded hacked-together unix-only backup tool.
2014-05-10 Jimmy ChristensenAdded patch for arduino-1.0.5
2014-05-10 Jimmy ChristensenAdded "Show" command to Firmware, better explanations.
2014-03-16 Jimmy ChristensenUpdated readme..
2014-03-16 Jimmy ChristensenInitial messy commit.